About us

AIUKs was originally formed in 2007 by three professionals from the Certification Sector as a provider of impartial Accreditation for small to medium Third Party Certification Bodies.

Today AIUKs employs the services of many qualified assessors that have worked for UKAS and other such bodies. These very experienced and dedicated individuals carry out Assessments and Audits to the required standard on our behalf, as required. We also have a dedicated on-line team who manage administration, applications, appeals and accounts.

AIUKs is a not for profit organization and acts independently of any National Government including the UK Government.

AIUKs operates impartially of any Certification Bodies and acts in accordance to the terms of accreditation services laid down in its constitution.

AIUKs does not align itself to the IAF and subsequently remains impartial to the IAF in all ways ensuring there is no conflict of interest and complete impartiality when making all decisions.


To be among the world’s independent leading quality facilitation, accreditation and surveillance organization, to continuously improve the climate, systems, processes and skills for total quality.


To provide credible standardization and accreditation services to enhance economic, societal and environmental well-being.


  • Provide the right information for quality related standards
  • Spread quality movement throughout the world through certification
  • To Help organizations to establish brand equity of products and services