Trust is essential when buying goods and services from anywhere or anyone. We all now demand reliable public services, trouble free purchases and action when something goes wrong. But how is confidence built, how can we all be assured of the highest level of service and product out there in this highly commercialized and competitive market place?

As we are all aware with the onset of the internet, most types of goods and services are now widely available from all corners of the planet. Click Click Click and it is at your door, or the quote is in, the query is answered, or the contract is signed!

As enlightened consumers we are now more demanding than ever about our choice of provider, be it; tea, chocolate, bricks, phones, houses, kitchens, design, holidays or education etc.
In these days of austerity, price is always a defining factor; however the discerning consumer always seeks reliable assurances of the claims made about products and services, ensuring they are in fact sincere.

One such way of ensuring a high level of service from a provider is to look for the AIUKs Mark on their ISO Certification. Accreditation Services UK (AIUKs) Accreditation demonstrates to consumers, purchasers and suppliers that they can enjoy the assurance of quality of goods and services, all the way down the supply chain. AIUKs is a Quality Mark for conforming Certification Bodies.

Accreditation of a Certification Body by AIUKs demonstrates the impartiality, competence and high level of service that comes with operating to ISO 17021:2015 the global standard a bonafide Certification Body is required to operate to.