How to gain AIUKs Accreditation

Firstly ensure you have a copy of the ISO 17021:2015 standard which can be down loaded at Then simply download the relevant application from this web site forms section.

There is also an explanation and process flow chart to assist you with filling in the application and all other required documentation.

Once all documents are completed in full, simply email them to: [email protected] Please note only emailed applications will be accepted. POSTAL APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Once returned to AIUKs we will review your application and get the accreditation process started. It is important to ensure the relevant attachments are sent via email with the application form to avoid any delay in the process.

After initial review you may be asked to submit further documents or clarify certain information. This is very normal and should not be seen in any way as detrimental to your application.

Upon receipt of all information we will provide you with a full detailed quotation for the complete Accreditation Service and a payment plan to spread the costs.

Document Review

On acceptance of the quotation and payment of required fees your AIUKs elected Lead Auditor will carry out the required Document Review. At this point additional information may be requested to make certain that the Auditor has adequate information to complete the Initial Assessment.

Initial Assessment visit (full assessment)

An audit team led by your elected Lead Auditor will conduct an onsite audit in line with the requirements of ISO 17021:2015. The duration of the audit will depend upon the scope of accreditation requested and any pre existing accreditation’s the applicant may already have i.e., UKAS, ASCB(E), AIC.

On completion of the audit an audit report will be presented to you. This report may contain improvements identified to meet the requirement of ISO 17021:2015. The report will then be independently reviewed by the AIUKs Accreditation Management together with the response to any opportunities for improvement that may have been identified at the audit.

Providing the report & corrective actions are deemed satisfactory, the Accreditation Manager will grant your organization AIUKs Accreditation at this point.