Use of the AIUKs Mark

This page sets out the conditions and rules governing the use of the AIUKs Mark (Logo) by accredited bodies administered by AIUKs.

  1. Any certification body accredited by AIUKs and complying with these rules and conditions shall be eligible to use the AIUKs Mark.
  2. The accredited certification body shall use the AIUKs Mark in combination with the accredited bodies own logo. The AIUKs Mark shall not be used alone.
  3. AIUKs is a copy right protected Mark and the usage shall be according to the conditions laid out by AIUKs.
  4. The accredited body may use the Mark along side its own logo on:
    • Documents directly related to any accredited service such as reports or certificates.
    • Letterheads
    • Promotional materials
    • Website
    • Social Media sites
  5. AIUKs Mark shall not be used in any way to misinform or misrepresent the scope of any accreditation.
  6. The Mark shall be used in the agreed format, proportions, size and colours of the Mark.
  7. The registration number shall appear at the bottom of the Mark in all cases.
  8. Embossed, relief or die-stamped versions may be used in mono-chrome.
  9. Any accredited body upon suspension, including partial suspension shall, without delay cease to issue certificates, reports, or any other material bearing the AIUKs Mark or any other reference to AIUKs accreditation, related to its AIUKs accreditation.
  10. Conversely AIUKs may permit a body whose accreditation has been suspended to use letterheads or documents bearing the AIUKs Mark or other reference to their accreditation under previously agreed conditions and within a period accordingly specified by AIUKs.
  11. Upon the termination of AIUKs accreditation, the accredited body shall directly cease producing and distributing any document bearing the AIUKs Mark or any other reference to AIUKs accreditation.
  12. Upon termination of accreditation the accredited body shall make immediate arrangements to prevent the use of the AIUKs Mark or reference to the Mark by its customers on any documentation or web based presence.
  13. Accreditation shall not be stated, implied or suggested for any non accredited activities, in particular:
    • A body which holds accreditation for only part of its activities may use the AIUKs Mark or make reference to accreditation provided there is no confusion as to which field has been accredited.
    • Whenever a body comprises of several sites among which at least one has not been granted accreditation, only accredited sites shall make reference to AIUKs accreditation or use the AIUKs Mark. When a common document is issued, a disclaimer printed close to the Mark shall state for instance: ‘A list of accredited sites and scopes is available upon request.’
    • At any time a subsidiary owned by a group has been accredited, there shall not be any uncertainty as to which part of the group holds AIUKs accreditation. No form of communication shall imply that other subsidiaries have been AIUKs accredited. When a common document is issued, the list of the AIUKs accredited bodies shall be included.
  14. The AIUKs Mark can be used on letterheads and publicity materials in proportion and colours mentioned above.
  15. When the Mark is used on commercial documents such as quotations and associated stationery, related to services which do not fall into the body’s accreditation, it shall be made clear which services are AIUKs accredited.
  16. If a quotation or any other documents concerning wholly non-accredited services is to be printed on a letterhead bearing the AIUKs Mark, it shall contain a clear disclaimer, stating for example: ‘This quotation concerns services which do not fall into AIUKs accreditation’.
  17. Letters to be printed on letterhead bearing the Mark and going with reports or certificates containing no accredited results shall include a disclaimer stating for example: ‘Attached results are not covered by AIUKs accreditation’.
  18. The rules shall not permit either use of the AIUKs Mark or any other reference to accreditation on any business cards held by the accredited body’s staff or sub contractors.
  19. Subject to the conditions stated, the use of the AIUKs Mark on items other than those described in this document is not discouraged. The accredited body shall seek approval from AIUKs prior to release of such items.
  20. The use or representation of the AIUKs Mark shall not be used in such a way as to state, imply or suggest that:
    • AIUKs accepts responsibility for the accuracy or results of certification decisions covered by accreditation.
    • AIUKs approves a product, or service that is approved by the AIUKs Accredited Body.
  21. For a management system certificate or other certification document to be regarded as accredited, it shall be issued by a certification body in accordance with the conditions of its accreditation and clearly identify the accreditation body and the issuing certification body.
  22. Use of the AIUKs Mark shall be rigorously limited to the activity certified by the certification body under its accreditation. The Mark shall be displayed only in combination with the certification body’s Mark.
  23. When a certification body certifies a laboratory’s quality system, be it accredited or not, it shall not enable the laboratory to use its Mark on testing or inspection reports or calibration certificates as such reports and certificates are deemed as products in this circumstance.
  24. Reference to accreditation through management system certification shall not infer any accredited product certification. The certified company shall not affix the AIUKs Mark on any products or any of their packages.
  25. In the case of management system certification in the area of the services, the AIUKs Mark shall not be used on any related product.
  26. In the case of any misuse of the AIUKs Mark, AIUKs reserve the right to initiate sanctions and take whatever measures deemed appropriate to rectify the misuse, including and not limited to legal action under copyright or fair trading laws.