Inspection body accreditation (ISO/IEC 17020)

AIUKs provides ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation to organizations performing various types of inspection, surveys and risk assessments:

  • Engineering Inspection (including Pressure Systems, lifting equipment/Hoists, electrical installations, power presses, local exhaust ventilation, cargo / pre-shipment inspection, manufacture of boilers / pressure vessels, welding inspections, oil and gas metering)
  • Building and Construction Products
  • Food Inspection (food safety, food hygiene, manufacturing and processed practices, cargo inspection, animal welfare, labelling)
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Health and Social Care
  • Care Home Inspection
  • Nuclear New Build Inspection
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Crime Scene Examination
  • Railway Competence
  • Plant Health
  • Environmental Technology Verification

Accreditation Type

AIUKs accredited inspection bodies are classified into three types (Type A, Type B and Type C) based on the inspection body’s relationship to the parties involved, its organization structure, and its responsibilities and ownership. Type A bodies provide third party services; Type B bodies are separate and identifiable entities, and can only provide inspections to its parent company. Type C bodies are identifiable entities but may not be a separate part of the organization. Type C can also supply inspection services to parties other than the parent organization. It is AIUKs’ task to assess the competence and to establish the type of independence for each applicant for accreditation.