Let us help you

Let us help you on the road to globally recognized Accreditation

Let us help your Certification Body achieve AIUKs Accreditation at a price and pace tailored to your requirements.

AIUKs understand the Certification business. From our many years of experience in Certification Management we truly understand the day to day challenges that Certification Bodies have to surmount.

To support Third Party Certification Bodies, AIUKs have stream-lined the Accreditation Process into a simple and manageable process, ensuring a tension free transition into Accreditation or the move from any existing Accreditation Body for you and your organization.

AIUKs strives to verify that all AIUKs Accredited Certification Bodies meet the general requirements of ISO17021:2015 through regular annual assessments and surveillance audits to ensure the extensive recognition and integrity of AIUKs Accreditation Certification.